IO is not only a deep & hyptnotic techno record label but also a visual and auditive artists-collective based in Munich. Since 2017 I form part of this group and do a big part of the Cover Art for the regular releases and sometimes a visual interpretation of single tracks in form of a music video.
This Animation stages the IO Logo in a playful way while keeping the mystical and diverse character of the label.
for 'Tvil' from Bjornoya - Kaf
for 'Electric Tears' from Restricted- Dycide
for 'Ashes of Korr' from Horuset - MTRL
Cover Art
Moonshade - Epsilon
Disrupt - MTRL
Qusqu - Dycide
s-Hun - Kaf
Nautilus - Epsilon
Thales - Dycide
Bjornoya - Kaf
Last Seasons - Epsilon
Moth - Epsilon
for the Logbook Series
Log025 - Epsilon
Log024 - MTRL
Log022 - Dycide
Log020 - IO
Log019 - Kaf
Log017 - Epsilon
Log015 - MTRL
Log014 - Dycide
Log011 - Kaf

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