Hello! I am Carmen (b. 1994), a multidisciplinary artist, based in Munich, Germany. My pseudonym 'ohneweil' can be translated to 'without reason'.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in 'Digital Film Making' since 2017 and I´m in love with 2D Animation and Illustration. In my work I combine different analogue and digital techniques, such as hand-drawn and vector-based Animation, Drawing and Painting with all kinds of paint, Collage with different types of paper, Photography, digital Painting, digital Photo and Video Editing.

my mission
To explore the diverse atmospheres and feelings, that can be transmitted through different shape and colour combinations. And using the results of this for helping other people to express themselves or their brand visually.

my values
Not to take me or this world too serious. In the end we work to live, not the other way around. So thus creating beautiful things I want to celebrate the freedom aspect of art.